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Cows young breeding Simmental breed
  • Cows young breeding Simmental breed
  • Cows young breeding Simmental breed

Cows young breeding Simmental breed

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Country of manufacture:Germany

Breeding Heifers Simmental


All animals are registered in the official stud book of the country of origin and have official pedigrees.

All the animals are healthy and correspond to the appearance of the breed.

Bull for insemination: Father and Bullenbeyt registered in the official stud book.

Insemination:  artificial, natural.

Specification: Nemel Simmental breed.

Age : not more than 26 months at the time of calving.

Pregnancy:  2.5-6.5 months. during delivery.

Weight: depending on age and length of pregnancy, but not less than 500 kg at the time of delivery.

Performance for the maternal line 305 days: at least 5,000 kg at first lactation or at least 6000 kg during the second lactation or not less than 7000 kg with a maximum fat content of lactation with 4.2% milk protein and at least 3.7 %.


Color breed - fawn, pale motley, red-motley and red with a white head.

The animals are peculiar to a strong constitution and a balanced physique. Height at the withers of 135-140 cm, the length of the trunk 160-165 cm, 20-21 cm metacarpus. Large head with a broad forehead, deep chest (bulls with developed dewlap) spin broad, sacrum sometimes elevated, well-developed muscles, the skin is thick, udder often rounded, large nipples.

Adult cows weigh 550-650 kg, bulls 900-1200 kg. Maximum weight up to 870 kg cows, bulls 1300 kg.


Simmental breed different optimal combination of milk and meat productivity. Dairy efficiency depends on the dilution zone and ranges on average from 3000 to 3500 kg. As for meat productivity, the cattle Simmental characterized by high weight gain during the entire growth period.

Country of manufacture:Germany
Age: до 26 months
Information is up-to-date: 15.02.2019
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